IP Elite for Growers

For Growers

IP Elite for Growers

The Thompsons IP Elite program recognizes the superior efforts of IP soybean and dry bean growers in producing top-quality food grade crops. Through strong personal relationships based on integrity and traceability with your local Thompsons branch, producers can enhance their farming operation through participation in this program.

As a leading Canadian supplier of food grade beans, Thompsons is well recognized by both domestic and international food companies. We are proud to acknowledge our partners, the Canadian producer, for their dedicated contribution in perfecting this effort.

Call your local Thompsons branch for more information on participation in this program.

Program Benefits

Diverse Market Opportunities

Thompsons supplies food processors in over 33 countries. We are able to offer growers options that provide greater marketing opportunities. Diverse crop selection, acreage options to fit any size farming operation, and dedicated delivery months are all designed to suit the grower.

IP Elite Premiums

Profitability is always a key factor in cropping decisions. Thompsons IP Elite growers will have comfort knowing our commitment to remain competitive is strong. Thompsons continues to maximize marketing opportunities in an expanding quality-driven market.

Non-GMO Soybean "Fall-Back"

This innovative option developed by Thompsons, and cloned by many, is available on selected varieties. The program gives IP Elite soybean growers the opportunity to market their crop at a premium over crush values if the crop does not meet all IP contract grade specifications.

Agronomic Advantages

Thompsons offer some of the best dry bean and soybean seed varieties on the market today and our IP Elite growers can benefit agronomically when selecting suitable varieties. Our seed partners focuses on developing traits and characteristics that produce crop vigour, yield, disease resistance, and quality through traditional breeding methods.

Continued Personal Service

We consider your satisfaction a critical measure of our success. Thompson branch sales and management teams strive to offer the best personal service available. We offer qualified technical assistance, agronomic recommendations, and risk management. We constantly review our procedures in order to improve and help make your business goals attainable.

Seed Selection

Thompsons IP Elite starts with quality seed

Thompsons is committed to providing the highest quality seed possible.
Using Certified seed provides full traceability that our end-use customers demand.
All varieties in this section exceed the standards needed for CIPRS, HACCP, and SQF Level 3 certification.

Soybean variety options
This program complies with the Thompsons Identity Preserved Procedure Manual which requires the use of certified seed.

  • Other soybean varieties will be considered (please call)

Edible Bean variety options

  • Envoy (Full Season Manitoba)
  • OAC Thunder (95 days to maturity)
  • T9903 (92 days to maturity)
  • T9905 (98 days to maturity)
  • Vista (100 days to maturity)
  • Apex (104 days to maturity)
  • Beluga (105 days to maturity)
  • Snowdon (94 days to maturity)
  • GTS 1701
  • Thompsons Controlled varieties
  • Etna
  • Black Velvet
  • Midnight