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Just like Mom's...

or Grandma's heirloom recipes. Cook with Thompsons brand, like they did.

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First grain elevator to obtain SQF Level 3 accreditation.

Our strength begins with strong grower relationships in procuring specialty crops and organics with IP traceability, quality processing, packaging, and freight logistics to bring wholesalers and manufacturers safe food products of the highest quality.

During crop production season, our Agronomy department keeps customers informed of growing conditions and crop development. Access Thompsons in-season Crop Reports for IP Soybean, Dry Beans and Organic Crops.


Try our growing collection of delicious bean recipes!

Thompsons brand of beans and peas has been a mainstay on Canadian grocery shelves for decades. Our products have been made into countless heirloom recipes for generations.

Revive your grandmother’s homemade baked beans recipe and use the brand she did.

It’s easier than you think to create an easy home cooked meal that’s comforting, healthy and economical too.

Start a new family tradition today.

Visit our bean, pea and lentil recipe page.


Our People

At Thompsons it’s people and innovation that have contributed to our Company’s success. We recognize innovative employees as our greatest asset. Workplace health and safety, environmental stewardship, and safe food quality comprises the corporate values.

Thompsons provides the community with a variety of valuable products, but above all, the most important product we offer is customer service. If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us. We’re committed to serving you.

Thompsons staff at COFS


Our Products

Thompsons is a supplier of value-added agricultural products that include grains, white pea beans, edible beans, popcorn, and dry pack grocery products.

Thompsons process and package food-grade products, and ship grain and edible beans to domestic and global markets. Located in some of the richest farmland in the world, Thompsons have built an international reputation for providing top quality products and food-grade grains.


Our Knowledge

  • Grain Marketing

    Finding global markets for customer’s grain and specialty crops, and the ability to offer extensive grain marketing alternatives.

  • Risk Management

    Thompsons is an agri-business partner to our farming customers, providing them with customized risk management solutions.