Organic Grain Marketing

Organic Grain Marketing

Organic Grain Contracts

The Andersons brings structure and professionalism to organic grain contracting

When you contract with The Andersons, you know the price you will get paid, the amount that will be shipped, the timeframe that your crop will be shipped in, and most importantly, you will receive a cheque within 10 days of delivering your organics.

There are no surprises!

We are actively looking at markets for:

Organic Corn • Organic Soybeans • Organic Wheat • Spelt • Rye • Black Beans • White Beans

If you need a home for a crop let us know and we’ll try to find one.

We are working with end-users to promote the local supply chain. Ontario has a lot to offer the industry in terms of a high quality, high integrity organic portfolio.

With more of our customer base growing, we are able to leverage volume to get the attention of some large end-use customers in both Canada and the US.

It is certainly an exciting time to be in the organics game.

We Offer

Our organics are all Grown in Canada and are contracted directly with our local producers. Stored at our branches, processed and bagged to your specifications.

We can offer: Soybeans, Soybean Feed, Wheat and Corn.

Other organic commodities may be available upon request (spelt, rye, black beans and white beans).

Contact us for details.

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