Agronomy Solutions

Thompsons is a full-service agribusiness retailer that provides Ontario farmers with grain marketing and agronomy expertise, crop inputs including seed, crop protection and plant nutrients. If you’re considering transitioning to organics, we can help with that too. We have an organic specialist on staff and specially trained organic champions at our branch facilities.

Thompsons FarmPro

Recently, we’ve introduced Thompsons FarmPro — a new tool to help farmers look at their operation in a different way. By scrutinizing every acre, we begin to show their return on investment, instead of simply yield. Now we’re able to help them direct valuable resources and money towards more profitable areas of the farm. Contact your local Thompsons Ag Consultant today for a demonstration of Thompsons FarmPro.

Thompsons own Colin Elgie, Agronomy Solutions Specialist; Bryan Stennett, Sales Manager – Farm Services and Seed; and Heather Moffatt, Grain Originator, spoke with at Canada’s Outdoor Farm Show in Woodstock, Ontario.

Factors influencing crop yield are not consistent across every field. Variations in soil characteristics, management practices and environment controls can drastically influence yield from one location to another.

The goal of precision farming is to collect and monitor the information about the variability of soil and environmental conditions in order to maximize the efficiency of crop inputs within a particular area of the farm field.

Precision Ag Services is only one aspect of what we can do for your farm business. Thompsons takes a holistic approach and digs deep into all aspects of your farming operation to design an integrated farm management solution. An Advanced Agronomy Solution, custom designed just for you.

Winter damaged wheat field

Precision-based agronomy solutions can benefit fields that have been damaged by invasive weeds, pest infestation, nutrient deficiencies and weather related damage.

Contact a Thompsons Ag Consultant nearest you today.

Crop Inputs

Our Branch locations offer a full line of seed, fertilizer and crop protection products for your farming needs. By purchasing crop inputs from Thompsons, you will also receive support and expertise from our knowledgeable team of Certified Crop Advisers (CCAs) who can customize the use of our many crop inputs and agronomy tools into customized, specific programs that will strengthen, protect and increase crop yield–adding to your bottom line.


Brevant seeds trait and technology pipeline is bringing better products to the marketplace faster using technology that fits your farm.

Brevant seeds is all about you – your region and your growing conditions. And because our premium products are always tested locally, you can count on exceptional performance – every season.


Thompsons carry a wide range of plant nutrients and soil amendments available to provide your crop with the required plant nutrition to perform at optimal levels.

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Crop Protection

Thompsons offers a full line of products geared towards protecting your crop. We have the products to keep your crops healthy from insects, weeds or other conditions. Call your local Thompsons branch today for a full listing.

Professional Application

Thompsons are well prepared to service your crop input application requirements. High clearance sprayers have the required licenses and carry qualified insurance for all spray operations.

We can apply herbicides, fungicides and insecticides with either water or 28% (UAN) liquid. For dry applications, our branches have a variety of terragators available to professionally apply fertilizer, micro-nutrients and other crop input products evenly across your field. We can also apply fungicide to crops through aerial spraying.

Our Variable Rate Technology (VRT) equipment eliminates waste to maximize your input investment.

Equipment Rental

Thompsons Limited has a fleet of dry fertilizer spreaders available for rent through a number of our locations. We also have 28% (UAN) sidedressers available with nurse tanks to transport product from the branch to your field.