Western Bean Cutworm Traps

Western Bean Cutworm Traps

Thompsons set 88 Western Bean Cutworm traps

Thompsons Limited has set out 88 traps for monitoring Western Bean Cutworm adult moth populations across much of our trading areas (from Tilbury east to Norwich and north from Port Albert to Pontypool).

In the past, many fields within this area have been experiencing increased damage from this pest. Working with us, Thompsons set up traps in various customer’s corn fields to help monitor when peak flight of the adults are occurring. Subsequent field scouting should also be conducted to determine if larvae are at threshold levels to warrant controls.

Over the next few months, weekly counts will be published to this webpage. The maps will also indicate if the numbers are increasing or decreasing, helping to determine when the adult peak flight has occurred.

As field scouting begins, reporting on the number of fields scouted compared to how many require control will also be published to help indicate if control is needed for your farm in the various township areas.

About the maps

  1. The number on top of the circle represents the trap count for the given week.
  2. If the circle is green, it has decreased in count from the previous week.
  3. If it is red, the count has increased from the previous week.