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IP Elite for Food Processors

SQF_logo_150As a leading Canadian supplier of food grade beans, Thompsons is well recognized by both domestic and international food companies. We have been exporting white pea beans to Europe since the late 1930’s and Special Quality White Hilum Soybeans (SQWH) since 1975 to Southeast Asia and Europe. England, Switzerland, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia and Hong Kong are key areas of export.

With the abundance of genetically modified soybeans (GMO) in the market today, we supply our customers that utilize container shipments with Non-GMO Identity Preserved varieties. For those customers requiring larger volumes of over 10,000mt per year, Thompsons have developed a contract program with our producer/growers which supplies specific varieties of approved soybeans that are non-GMO. These varieties are co-mingled and shipped via truck or rail to our designated ports for export via conventional vessel.

We have developed a Non-GMO manual which outlines the steps that we go though to ensure all possible due diligence is exercised from the seeding through harvesting, storing, and shipping to our designated ports. A copy of this manual is available, for viewing at our facilities.

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Thompsons contracts the production of food grade soybeans and edible dry beans from growers and selected wholesalers and then processes the product according to customer specifications. We then deliver the finished product as a food product or food ingredient following strict protocols. Thompsons utilizes its elevator network to collect and process the grains. In addition to the facilities located in Ontario, the company has a subsidiary operation located in the United States which specializes in contract production and processing of selected dry beans varieties.

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Thompsons is registered and participates in the following programs

  • SQF Edition 7 Level 3
    Comprehensive food safety and quality systems certified. Six processing branches are certified: Norwich, Mitchell, Blenheim, East Grand Forks, Kent Bridge and Hensall
  • CIPRS plus HACCP
    Canadian Identity Preserved Recognition System plus Hazard Analysis Critical Control Point
  • CSEA
    Canadian Soybean Export Association, Approved Identity Preservation Standard
  • USDA NOP Organic Certificate of Conformity
    Processing, Handling and Trading
  • Japanese Organic Agricultural Standard (JAS)
  • BRC
    British Retail Consortium and Food and Drink Federation
  • European Union Organic Equivalency Standard
  • Organic Certificate of Conformity
    Processing, Handling and Trading
  • Halal Certification
    Recognition that the products are permissible under Islamic law. Consumer/customers may purchase our products with assurance
  • Kosher Certification
    Upon request
  • Kashruth Certification
    Upon request

Seed Selection

Thompsons IP Elite starts with quality seed

Thompsons is committed to providing the highest quality seed possible.
Using Certified seed provides full traceability that our end-use customers demand.
All varieties in this section exceed the standards needed for CIPRS, HACCP, and SQF 7.1 Level 3 certification.

Soybean variety options
This program complies with the Thompsons Identity Preserved Procedure Manual which requires the use of certified seed.

  • Other soybean varieties will be considered (please call)

Edible Bean variety options

  • Envoy (Full Season Manitoba)
  • OAC Thunder (95 days to maturity)
  • T9903 (92 days to maturity)
  • T9905 (98 days to maturity)
  • Vista (100 days to maturity)
  • Apex (104 days to maturity)
  • Beluga (105 days to maturity)
  • Snowdon (94 days to maturity)
  • GTS 1701
  • Thompsons Controlled varieties
  • Etna
  • Black Velvet
  • Midnight