The Andersons Freedom Tech 2 Year

Our Freedom® Tech℠ 2 Year program uses technical indicators to set pricing over an extended two-year pricing window. Buy and sell signals are set in place so you know exactly what to expect and when. This program combines technical indicators with professional implementation for a balanced approach.

PROGRAM ATTRIBUTES: Technically Triggered Pricing

The Andersons Freedom Tech 2 Year

The stochastic (momentum) indicator reaches overbought territory and starts to turn over, reflecting weakness. When this happens, 12.5% of bushels are sold.

The stochastic indicator reaches oversold territory and starts to turn up, reflecting potential price strength. If the buy signal is reached and two sell signals were previously triggered, then 5% of bushels are purchased. However, the Freedom® Tech℠ 2 Year program will never trigger more than two buy signals in a row. After a buy signal, the following sell signal will increase the number of bushels sold by the number of bushels bought.
(If the pricing mechanism does not price 100% of the bushels, the remainder of the unpriced bushels will be priced using the market close on the final day of pricing.)

CZ25 | SX25


12/18/2023 – 09/17/2025

BASE $0.10 USD* | PBO $0.05 USD*


Price Adjustment quoted per bushel.

PRICE BALANCE OPTION (PBO) allows you to price the balance of your contract at any point in the pricing window for only $0.05 USD** per bushel.
**Unless otherwise indicated.

All bushels are guaranteed to price. Basis may be attached at any time during the pricing period.
Standard HTA policies and fees may apply.

*All futures positions and program costs are in USD and will be converted to CAD at the time of contract pricing

For more information please contact:

Heather Moffatt
Grain Originations Manager
Cell: (519) 525-8148

Jennifer Kilbourne
Grain Originations
Cell: (519) 401-7220

The Andersons Freedom

Technical Pricing Tools take advantage of back-tested, optimized technical indicators to price your bushels. Buy and sell signals are clearly defined, providing technical pricing diversification to your grain marketing plan.