Your family is your pride and joy.

Whether you are raising children, watching out for your partner, or checking in on Dad after a long day in the field, you would do anything to keep them safe, while preserving the farm experience for future generations.

ATVs on the farm

ATVs are used on our farm for both work and leisure. From transporting farm supplies, to checking remote farm locations, ATVs are important to the efficiency of our farm. They are also enjoyable to operate and often allow us to see parts of the farm we might not otherwise.

Injuries can happen at all points while operating an ATV: mounting and dismounting, transporting farm supplies, driving on slopes and performing maintenance. Rollovers, collisions, flying debris, pinch points, moving parts, uneven surfaces, burn hazards and noise are all things we have to be aware of when operating an ATV.

Wear the gear

An ATV helmet, gloves, long sleeves, pants, and boots are mandatory when operating the ATV. Even if you are going for a short distance, you need to ensure that all personal protective equipment is worn. Watch for loose clothing as it can get caught on controls.

ATV Safety Gear

Before operating the ATV

Assess the situation before performing any task with the ATV. Make sure to know if your route has the potential to contain uneven terrain, obstacles, moving farm vehicles or equipment, animals or people. Having an idea of how to approach any of these potential hazards is a good idea. If you are performing a task alone, make sure to inform someone else where you are going and when you are expected to return. Make sure to bring a communication device (cell phone, twoway radio etc.) with you in case of break down or emergency.

Pre-operational check

Do a check of the machine before you start working. Check to make sure you have enough fuel, and that all systems are operational.

Transporting farm supplies

When you transport farm supplies, make sure they are secured. If you are hitching a trailer to the ATV, make sure that the ATV is capable of towing. Ensure the trailer is in good condition and properly attached.

Operating the ATV

Follow all operating rules according to the laws in our area. It’s essential to watch for hazards and drive at a speed in which you can maintain control at all times. Over confidence, high rates of speed, and steep slopes have all contributed to the deaths of ATV operators.


  • Be alert
  • Be visible
  • Know what’s around you at all times
  • Travel at a safe speed
  • If you can’t control the machine, you’re going too fast
  • Follow the rules of the road.
  • Be safe and stay alive.