tripping hazard

Safety: Be aware of your surroundings

If something serious were to happen to you, your family could be left without their loved one. With today’s technologically complex equipment and numerous distractions, several things can pull your focus away from the tasks at hand. When this happens, injuries such as slips and falls, being injured or killed from moving trucks, equipment or an overhead hazard.

Avoiding injury

  • Store any materials and tools safely and securely.
  • Be especially careful when approaching corners and doorways – especially at pits where live traffic is actively moving through the area.
  • Have all safety devices handy and in good working order.
  • Survey your work area, especially in new surroundings:
  • Look for slip hazards, uneven surfaces, and obstacles.
  • Pay attention to where and what you are walking on.
  • Check any staircases or hallways for clutter.

Do not create any new hazards

  • Watch where you place extension cords, hoses, etc.
  • Practice proper housekeeping.
  • Use signs or barricades to identify any potential hazards.