Perform a walk-around safety check of your vehicle before operating

Safety: Circle checks

How often do you walk around your vehicle before moving it?

At Thompsons, a circle check is mandatory before putting a vehicle into service, at the beginning of the day and any time before backing up if it has been parked and this is the first motion a driver is making.

Why is a walk around or circle check a good idea? There are many reasons but how many can we identify? 

  • Walking around and checking vehicle condition can identify vehicle defects and safety concerns before you begin driving; in particular, the condition of your tires.
  • A circle check gives you the opportunity to check the operation of lights and signals.
  • If you are backing up (or moving forward in a vehicle with restricted visibility to the front) a circle check will allow you to notice obstructions or hazards in your immediate area that may cause a conflict when you begin moving.

When you do your circle check, before the start of your day or shift, use a system. It could be: 

  • Unlock and start the vehicle.
  • Turn on headlights and left turn signal.

Begin by walking clockwise around the vehicle and check: 

  • Each tire, as you pass it, for damage, cuts or obvious problems including low pressure.
  • Headlights, tail lights and turn signal operations.
  • Glass and mirror cleanliness and condition.
  • Look for damage on any part of the vehicle and report it if found BEFORE driving.
  • After arriving back at the driver’s door, click your headlights to high beam, change the turn signal to the right signal and walk to the back and front to check the headlights high beams and right signal. If you have backed in near a wall or fence, check your own brake lights by looking for the reflection when you press the pedal, otherwise get someone to check when you apply the brake.

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