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Safety: never too busy for safety

Thompsons has strict protocol and safety proceedures to operate safely, every day. We post these safety articles and messages for any farm operation to help keep others safe.

Traffic flow signage

It’s of utmost importance to have traffic flow signage clearly posted at your entrance, throughout the facility and at the exits to keep everyone safe. Also, remind employees, family and visitors to look both ways before crossing truck pathways. The last thing anyone wants during peak busy season is a traffic accident that could have been avoided.

Bin entry

If equipment becomes plugged or if hot spots are detected, there may be temptation to quickly look inside a bin. And when someone wants to do something quickly, they don’t always follow the safety procedures. Remember, at Thompsons, entering a bin requires a permit. Before entering, certain equipment needs to be “locked out,” you must be outfitted with safety equipment like a harness and a life line, and you must use an approved form of communication with someone outside of the bin. You need to also test the atmosphere beforehand and be well trained on your emergency plan if anything were to occur.

Employee fatigue

Fatigue is another factor managers should consider during the upcoming harvest season. We all know sometimes employees must put in overtime, or but there are strategies you can use to make sure they’re not overly tired on the job, which can lead to poor decision making and increase the likelihood of accidents. These include hiring additional seasonal workers so everyone has time to take breaks and lunches; utilizing an “on-call” shift to avoid staff shortages if someone is absent; and avoiding incentive programs that reward working excessive hours.

Please be safe in everything you do–on and off the farm.

Work safe. Farm safe. Home safe.™

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